Busting out the heavy equipment

Sir (William Matthew) Flinders Petrie, by Phil...Image via Wikipedia
This evening at work I've been looking for resources to redesign my blog template which has led to some browsing of old Egyptology books, including Methods and Aims in Archaeology by William Matthew Flinders Petrie.  I'm mostly looking for images, but this block of text caught my eye.
While I have, on occasion, been tempted to use a saw while excavating, the antiquities weren't my intended targets.
I have a feeling I might need to go through this whole book and post some of the highlights in the future.

ETA:  Holy shit, I never noticed before that Petrie is holding a Predynastic beaker in that portrait.  Durrrr.


Alwen said...

I should post some of the Charles MacIlvaine (sp? too tired to check!) mycology stuff. If he wondered about a mushroom's edibility, he'd check by eating it.

Shoveling Ferret said...

Did he at any point talk about tasting the color blue?