I am the Empress of Kerma

You may call me "Her Sarcastic Snarkiness."

So this jackass, apparently intent on creating the biggest entitlement complex in the US has claimed Bir Tawil so that his precious, deprived little princess can become an actual princess.

Bir Tawil is this chunk of unclaimed land between Egypt and Sudan. Why is it unclaimed?
It’s unclaimed because Egypt and Sudan are in a perpetual “not it!” contest over it. 
Because no one lives there. Because there is jack shit there. 

Dad says the family:
hopes to turn the area into an agricultural hub.
Hub of what, King No-Nads, Lacker of Parental Spine? Salt-bush? Edible rocks?
There are so many glaring issues of smug, pretentious entitlement, ignorance, and arrogance here it's breathtaking. 

So, following this jackass's reasoning, in order to make Bunny a true pretty, pretty princess:
I’m standing on top of the Defuffa at Kerma and I’m white. I’m the Empress of Kerma!
Oh, oh, and here I am with Tom, Emperor of Kerma!