Snarking: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: The Next Generation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So we've started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. Tonight, we saw interstellar meth heads  (also seen in Wrath of Khan) and we got to see an awesome new instrument which I have dubbed the "Dildophone."
Like a xylophone, only with peens.

Tom said I should learn to play the Dildophone and I said "hang on, let me find my mallets" and then Tom snarfed his dinner.

On a related note, I may have told my class that the Egyptian creator god masturbated the universe into being because he was bored and that Isis invented the dildo. And something about the personification of PMS.

If I had remembered how much I was going to have to talk about penises and incest, I probably wouldn't have decided on religion and magic this term...  Seriously, Egyptian religion is like those dreadful VC Andrews novels no one admits they read back in the day.

This week I've been battling a wicked cold or something. I cannot brain good. Fortunately class didn't meet today so I didn't subject them to even more random blathering. Well, actually I did, but it was electronic.


King Bunny-rabbit!

Pharaoh Unas's name on a stela at his pyramid ...
Pharaoh Unas's name on a stela at his pyramid complex in Saqqara. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When Pyramids Go Wrong
When Pyramids Go Wrong (Photo credit: shoveling_ferret)
At some point I'm maystop getting all excited when I talk about King Unas, but for the time being:



Not Watching Star Trek for Once

Instead of doing class prep or otherwise being productive I've been watching terrible television. As in I was watching Toddlers and Tiaras. (I am very ashamed. Also, horrified.)

Then Netflix broke for a while.
Pretty sure that was a sign from the Universe that I should pollute my brain in other ways.

So, when Netflix starting working again, I decided to watch The Omen, because I love that movie for some reason. Probably Gregory Peck. And it is far, far less scary than Toddlers and Tiaras.

The last time I watched The Omen, I had never seen the Irish TV series Father Ted. I have since, however, become a rabid fan of it.

These things wouldn't be connected except that now, whenever I see the crazed old priest trying to warn Gregory Peck that his child is the spawn of Satan, I see Father Jack. Someone with the skills needs to replace all the priest scenes in the film with Father Jack yelling "Feck! Arse! Girls! DRINK!"
Holy crap, your kid is evil!