Today's news

Went with my parents to see he oncologist this morning. The good news is that the main tumor has shrunk to near invisibility with chemo. It is not gone, it will grow back, and it will become resistant over time. The next step really needs to be radiation, but Dad has not been able to handle the procedure involved in the past. Hoping we can get in to talk to the doctor who handles that to see I'd there are some creative adjustments that could be made.

He's lost some hair, but he looks and sounds good.

I'm exhausted. Will be resting the next few days.

Oh the places you'll go

Wow have I slacked off. Ahem.
I'm writing this on the second leg of a flight out to Las Vegas. My dad has cancer. Stage 4. I am now in this weird place of child/adult trying to puzzle out what to do, how to push, etc.
We've known for a bit, but this is the first I'll see him since the diagnosis and treatment.

I am afraid to get off the plane. That will make it all real.

Seriously, people, any mojo you can send to help me keep it together with some kind of grace for all of us will be deeply appreciated.

My half brother and his wife have been trying to help out, but my parents are weird and insular and stubborn. I'm sure those of you who know me will find that shocking. My brother and sister in law are wonderful, though and I'm so glad they live in Vegas close to our parents.

Tom will be joining us this weekend. Oreo and Bunny will stay with his parents. I'll be very glad to see him. Hauling the doggies out with us was just...no. O,o I think Dad would like Bunny. She's quiet and very snuggly. Then again he says she has a stripper name.

On a lighter note, I have (assuming I pass training) a job as an online adjunct. Trying to keep names out of it for a variety if reasons. But training has been great, the school is very supportive and friendly. Also, as it's online, it's a very portable job. And will possibly be less strain on me than in person courses, especially those I have to develop entirely on my own. I'm still planning on teaching in person, but it seems like the online gig will be more regular.
Part of training involves doing a live chat with PowerPoint. The title of this post comes from the title of a slide showing a squat toilet.