What What

In my butt!
UTI didn't go away, probably hit my kidneys. Sunday and Monday were super fun days of fever, horrible shuddering chills, horrific back pain, and nausea and vomiting. Bad enough I cancelled class.
So, Tom took me to Urgent Care Monday evening and I got a shot of antibiotics in the ass, some Cipro, which is what I should have gotten in the first place (and which I will bitchily insist on in the future) and some anti-nausea meds that I've been taking cautiously because they might interact in scary ways with other meds I cannot skip.

And I swear every time I get Cipro they've added new and frightening warnings to the patient information. Which sucks, but it works so whatever.

Also, in the middle of that I agreed to teach Cultural Anthropology this summer. I have no idea. Should be entertaining for someone.

Feeling much improved today but still very very tired.

I believe I will go nap now.


If Only I Had Tenure

I would actually use this slide.
It's Min, by the way, from Coptos.
And he is totally all about the penis.

Still Alive. Mostly.

Prisoner, being held from behind on the Battle...
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My class is tiny. Tiny enough to be sort of weird. But at least it didn't get cancelled.

I've been freaking out the last 2 weeks pulling lectures together for topics I didn't cover that much with the old textbooks. This week is a little easier aside from the complication that is a UTI. It feels like someone is stabbing me in the left  kidney. Super fun. Trying to get a doctor to give me better antibiotics.

This week I'm just refining existing lecture and presentation. I had to firmly resist putting "OM NOM NOM" on this photo.

But that is totally what the lion is saying. It's in the missing piece of the palette. I swear it is. Just like the reconstructed stuff on this thing.