Behind the Blathering

Actual photograph.
I acquired the nickname "Crack Ferret" in college after I did a silly dance-y thing to cheer someone up. And then we actually had a pet ferret because if I was going to be called "ferret" I figured I should get to know one. She was awesome.

Anyway, in between doing ridiculous dances and playing with a ferret, I got a degree in Anthropology and, as I had been planning/dreaming of since I was 8, went on to graduate school. By some miracle, I got into the University of Chicago for graduate study in Egyptian archaeology.

Married my college sweetheart, who is also an an archaeologist. Acquired a deeply odd little dog named Oreo right after the move to Chicago.
At some point, I decided being associated with crack was maybe not the best idea ever and since I was a filthy digger, "shoveling" seemed appropriate.

I spent several years being psychologically abused  educated in graduate school, working in Egypt and then in Sudan and was nearly ABD when vile pestilence struck. Hard. I was mostly homebound for several months. Figuring out what was wrong was and continues to be a long, confusing, sometimes frustrating journey. I decided to abandon my PhD for a variety of reasons. To keep myself occupied at home, I learned to crochet and knit and started this blog, and here we are. Crazy, crippled, crafting!

We have since moved to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, where I'd lived for a few years in high school. The plan, such as it is, is for me to teach or otherwise work part-time when possible. I have been and continue to dream of a successful craft business incorporating my archaeological background, and might actually get off  my butt and do it at some point.

Pretty much, I brain dump here and on Twitter. Some people find it entertaining, which only encourages me. 

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