Happy Halloween!

National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City...Image via WikipediaCreepy-ass skull of a sacrificed child with shell and obsidian "eyes" brought to you by the Aztecs, via Wikipedia.  
While analyzing and excavating human skeletons has never really creeped me out, I think uncovering this might have at least registered a "buhhh."
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historicstitcher said...

I love archaeology, and nearly went into it myself. This would have totally creeped me out! It almost looks like an archaeologist's idea of a sick prank - "Hey! Let's doctor this skull and make that other digger freak out!"

It also reminds me of a picture I have somewhere of where one of the girls on the dig made a face in the pile of sifted fill dirt and named it Phil - then talked to it all the rest of the day...

Alwen said...

That xkcd cartoon! Ha! (That looks nothing like an ass skull...)