Wow, so it's almost July

It's been a very busy few months/year so far, leaving me less time to post. I've found one downside if the iPad is that I'm less likely to compose posts on it than my laptop and I only use the laptop for teaching and heavy typing.

I've been teaching online courses for a for-profit university that will remain nameless. It's been very interesting. Employee support has been superb so far. I've had several lovely students and a few kind of scary ones. 
Time management has been a huge issue. I have roughly 30 essays and 30 short papers to grade weekly. This is complicated by having to write out all corrections, comments, etc rather than writing on or marking a hard copy or even a digital copy. I'm getting a bit better at strategizing. Procrastination is still an issue.
I think I have one more class before I get substantial discussion on my performance. 
It has been nice having a fairly steady income versus my in-person courses that aren't confirmed often until a week before the first class meeting. 

In an ideal world, I'd have a permanent part-time position at a community or small 4-year college with an office and possibly a pony. Near Lake Tahoe. 
In all seriousness, I would like to be more involved with students over the long term. 

Tom and I just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. That really doesn't seem like it was 10 years ago. Tom says it feels like an eternity. I reply with creative obscenities. 

Bunny has had her first immiticide treatment for heart worms. She's doing well so far, but keeping her inactive has been challenging. She likes to scamper. 

Oreo is bonding more with Tom because he won't muscle in on Bunny to get my attention. 

Dad is doing fairly well despite being a total jackass about some health issues. 

I am being regularly confronted with my less than stellar health and stamina. What to do about it is kind of an open question.

Teaching and grading is exhausting. 

I saw my rheumatologist last month and almost the first thing she said was "wow, your hands are swollen!" 

Arthritis pain is becoming more of a problem. I hadn't realized that humidity regardless of temperature can be an issue. I thought cold and damp, not hot and damp. 

Heat and sun make things more complicated. I am highly sun sensitive now thanks to meds and autoimmune crap, I've had several atypical moles removed and would like to avoid more. And I have almost no heat tolerance. This sucks.

Hopefully I can start posting more regularly. And crafting more. And find a way to build back some strength and stamina.