Nevada Trip - Up North

Logan Shoals view of Lake Tahoe
It's been a hectic few weeks for us, so I didn't get these posted as soon as I had hoped.
Super Tom looks down upon us mere mortals
I think I need to grab a few from Tom too that he took with his iPhone.
So, we mostly went up to Reno to visit with my Nana who has esophageal cancer.
She is doing very well, considering.
We also took a day to drive up to Lake Tahoe where we got married at Logan Shoals Vista Point.
It was a beautiful fall day.
The Vista Point has had some improvements since we were there 7 years ago.
It also, however, sees the occasional crack-pipe.  To be fair, the crack smoker had hidden in in the crack (heh) between some rocks and I knocked it out with my cane because I wanted to see what it was.
I love Lake Tahoe.  If we could live there it would be awesome.  The air smelled wonderful.  It was quiet.  Ahhhh.
Reno is still very nice too, I think. 
To mark the occasion, I bought my very first fancy-pants yarn from a yarn store.  Some Noro in colors that sort of reminded me of the lake and surroundings.  I have vague plans of a shawl for me.
We also went to one of the streams and caught salmon spawning season, which neither of us had ever seen.  It was pretty amazing.  And I spent entirely too much time trying and failing to get photos of feathery duck booties when they dived for food.

So beautiful.
Look boys and girls, a crack pipe!

This is a weasel, not a ferret or even an otter but I took a photo anyway.

Ducks!  And dying salmon.

Salmon dying after spawning.  I thought of Chip, who by now had probably forgotten that highlight of his campus tour

More ducks!

The stream the salmon were swimming up.
We went and had a picnic on the beach and we took a photo of that random tug-boat on wheels thingie.
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Alwen said...

Wow, it's beautiful. I love seeing stuff like this.

I was absolutely gobsmacked one year to have salmon show up in the teensy creek that runs through a culvert under our driveway. Eh? It's a tiny little stream that starts out as icy-cold springs just upstream from the driveway, so wha... how...amazing.