Oreo's Little Sister

We've been contemplating getting another dog for some time. We even had a trial run a few years ago that didn't work out (that dog did find a wonderful match with another family).
I had to have stitches taken out today (may blog about that some other time) and thought I'd get a haircut, but the salon didn't have an opening for a walk in. I wandered over to a shopping center with a Petsmart.
The local Humane Society has adoption events every weekend there so I went to have a look.

There was a sweet little girl terrier mix I really liked so after consultation with Tom, I went home to get Oreo and bring him back to see how they would do.

When we got back, another of the potential adoptees named Bunny was being walked. She had been shivering and hiding far back in her cage all day so I hadn't had a chance to really see her. Oreo trotted right over, sniffed her, and was totally cool.

Oreo is a total punk-ass with other dogs. I haven't socialized him with other dogs as well as I should have, he has a Napoleon complex, and I think his own time in the pound contributed to some dog aggression.

Anyway, we tried an introduction with the first dog I had been looking at. Oreo turned into a slavering hell-beast. She responded in kind. There was really no chilling them out.

I figured "what the hell?" and asked the volunteer if she would bring Bunny back out to see how she'd do with Oreo in a more direct setting.

Meanwhile, I sat on the sidewalk outside the store right next to the "Adoptions Today" sign. With Oreo. Lots of people wanted him. And he was being his little super-cute I love all the peoples self. I had to explain that he was not, in fact, up for adoption.

He and Bunny did really well again - no barking or growling. He didn't care if I pet her or held her. o.O

So, we have a new family member. She's about a year old. She's a Dachshund mix of some kind. She was surrendered because her family couldn't afford her. And she has heartworm. But, the Human Society will help pay for the medication to treat her and we can afford the rest.

Oreo had been a shivering, timid little dude when I adopted him, so I have a soft spot for timid doggies.

They were marvelous on the drive home. Marvelous coming inside. Shared the couch with us and each other. Bunny had her head half in my lap and half on Oreo's booty for a while.

Hopefully the good behavior continues and she integrates well. We're pretty hopeful things will go well.

Here is the face of "oh please, I haz a scared"