Had my neurology follow-up today. There was no further discussion of the somatoform issue, which was nice, I guess.
She's utterly baffled, so she's sending me to someone outside the university system who a lot of experience with movement disorders.  At least she believes me now.  Tomorrow (if I feel up to it) I get to call my insurance company and see if they'll cover the cost of going to someone outside the university medical center.  Then I get to see if I can get an appointment with this dude in sooner than 6 months.  And then I have to figure out how to get my medical records sent to him.  Failing that, there may be some creative attempts to get a consult from this guy, like taking a video of my symptoms:
You should totally choose me for Your Next Neuro Patient because I'm cute and snarky and I have a doggie and, like, such as...
We're also repeating my MRI - brain and cervical with and without contrast.  That's next week.

As it is, my intestines are mounting a counterattack on the rest of me so I've been fairly unhappy since yesterday.  The rest of today is likely to consist of trying to keep some chicken soup in my body and going back to bed.

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