I had a migraine last night and I slept all day and therefore have not gotten anywhere on figuring out the referral to the fancy-pants neurology guy.  I have figured out that he literally wrote the book on neurology - as in a Textbook of Clinical Neurology .  So, that's good, right?

My stomach has gotten over being mad at me.  Yay!
I got a letter from my favorite aunt and uncle today - also good.
And I'm sleepy again and am therefore crawling back into bed with my book.

Oh, and I found skull jammies on sale today, but I can't decide whether to get them or not.  Decisions, decisions.

At some point, there will be craft content on here again, too.  Heh.  I'm trying to keep up with my "post at least one thing every day" goal, though, and some days...well.  Yeah.

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