Five years ago today I had been in Egypt working on a dig for about a month. One of my friends snapped this picture of me. It's one of my very favorites.  We had all decided at one point that this one have to be the author photo for my first book.

Things that have changed:

  • I have more hair and more of it is gray
  • I don't smoke anymore
  • Those pants totally don't fit anymore.
  • The friend who took the photo left the field and is now a nurse.
  • I've left the field and need a nurse.
  • I doubt I'll have a first book.

Things that are the same:

  • I still own all three of the shirts I'm wearing and still wear them on occasion.
  • I'm still snarky as hell.
  • I still occasionally wear bandanas to cover up crazy hair.
  • I still love Egypt and want to go back.

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