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I got nearly all the dishes from Thanskgiving and the past few days done today. And I dusted and dust-mopped the apartment. Yay, me!

I also put together a wreath for the front door to replace my autumnal broom.

The first photo is all the supplies put together. The second is the finished product.
It wound up being very simple, but I think I like that - I don't like a whole bunch of junk all over. I do like the ickle birdies, though.
Not sure if I'll put it up tonight or wait a bit.

We're having a guest for dinner this evening, assuming I can stay awake that long. I've been awake since 5:30 this morning. Hopefully this will help me maintain a reasonable schedule so I can do the stupid cognitive testing on Thursday. (And hopefully I didn't just jinx myself by saying that.)

Edit:  Turns out we aren't having a dinner guest, which Tom emailed me about several hours ago, but because of the way Gmail nests messages, I didn't notice.  Which means I spent several hours wearing a bra for no good reason.  Not cool.  :P
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