In which I do even less than usual

Well, last night was exciting.  Somebody broke into the house Tom has been house-sitting.   Fortunately, there was very little damage and there doesn't seem to be anything missing and no one was hurt, though, based on the size of the window they broke to get in, I think the perpetrators were midgets.  So, that's okay.

Last night I discovered my gauge swatch was not making gauge for my knitting project, so I went up a needle size, which seems to be working, but is putting me even further behind as I haven't even finished the stupid gauge swatch yet, let alone started working on the actual project.  :P

Today I spent most of the day in bed feeling generally unwilling to face the world (well, the living room) and randomly surfing the internet.  I also have a sucktastic headache.  Stupid drugs.

Also, my heels have started to go all slightly numb and very tingly if there's pressure on them for very long, which is weird, but not terribly unexpected.  The rest of my feet and my hands are frequently slightly numb or tingly.  Today, though, my kneecaps started doing that after I got out of bed to help with dinner.  Not really an issue with walking but it felt very, very weird.  The weird sensations are called paresthesia, but I hate using the term because I think it sounds funny when I say it.  It's sort of like when your arm or foot "falls asleep" but the sensations can be really painful or peculiar for some people and can sometimes be a constant thing.   In my case, they're frequent, usually just mildly annoying and either related to my Hashimoto's thyroiditis, to some other as yet undiagnosed by suspected autoimmune problem, or part of the package deal with the neurological junk (which itself may be autoimmune related).   Anyway though, new word - if any of you are young enough to be taking the SAT I suppose I'm helping you study.

However, there was Tom and Oreo cuddling today.  And silly phone calls from the grocery store about "Baconnaise."  And Doctor Who and more knitting on the stupid gauge swatch.

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Chip said...

Broken into by midgets? Were they by any chance looking for a map they stole from the Supreme Being?