Graveyard Shift

Okay, I'm just embracing it for now. Up all night, asleep all day. Whatever, brain. Most of my activities are sufficiently quiet that I won't keep Tom and Oreo awake or bother the neighbors. So, this evening I will be carving stamps and watching movies on the Roku. Suck it, diurnal rhythm. Now to decide what to watch: Star Trek, The A-Team, the old Battlestar Galactica, or something else altogether?

At some point, I have to make my new fascinator, too. Got a wedding to go to on Friday, thus an excuse for crazy things in my hair. :) With luck, Tom will be modeling for photos again - he's my preferred model, especially since Oreo won't hold still. This one is going to have purple flowers and white feathers. Possibly some yellow and purple ribbons too. As I pretty much make them up as I go along, there isn't so much of a plan yet.

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