New Fascinator

I managed to make my fascinator tonight for the wedding we're attending tomorrow. The wedding gift isn't so much finished, but will be soon. There was a slight snafu this evening as the power went out in our apartment for an extended period (the first time it's been more than a flicker in the seven years I've lived in Chicago). And I'm feeling particularly exhausted today as well as a bit apathetic. Probably not a good day to push it.
Anyway, this fascinator is on a felt background and attached to a headband instead of a barrette. I'm actually not sure I like the headband - it's going to be a little more challenging to get it into place and still have my hair how I want it and I'm probably going to have to secure it with a bobby pin. Next time I think I'll go back to a large barrette or try a hair comb.
The photos aren't the greatest, but my model definitely is:

Purple Floral Fascinator

Working it

Modeling the fascinator

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