I finally made a fascinator

I've loved the idea of fascinators as a lovely, customizable, unique accessory, but haven't really had a reason to make one.  Later this week, however, I have to get all respectable looking for an event with my husband at work, so I finally had an excuse to make a fascinator.  It was way easier than I thought it would be.
Here it is:

The fascinator
If anyone would like, I'll post more detailed instructions, but basically all I used was a peacock plume, a package of black feathers, a black barrette, some black felt (as a surface to glue the feathers to) and some wired ribbon I have to make a decoration for my cane (that's tomorrow's project).  All held together with hot glue.
I'm ridiculously proud of myself.  I didn't feel like modeling it myself tonight, so my husband did the honors:

Professional modeling

Fascinator from above

Incidentally, the need to be respectable looking is why there was no post yesterday:  I had to go shopping for a bra and slip, which took far more effort than it should have.  Fortunately, I had a good friend to take me and keep me from going totally nuts.

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