The continuing adventures of having my internal clock broken

So, despite having walked A WHOLE LOT on Sunday to go get my yarn and stop and watch ducks napping and rats swimming, I could not sleep Sunday night. I tried. Valiantly. At one point I was nearly in tears I wanted so desperately to be asleep. I did all the things insomniacs are supposed to do. Laid there and tried to sleep. When I couldn't, I got up, got some water, sat in low light and read for a bit. Went back to try to sleep. Nothing. Had some benadryl, less to help me sleep because it rarely does help much anymore than to help with two really nasty mosquito bites. Still nothing. Up. Down. CPAP on, CPAP off.
I did not fall asleep until 9 or 9:30 this morning. And despite setting an alarm for mid-afternoon, did not wake up until 5. Again. Sigh.
Anyway, I'm going to keep trying on the regular "normal" schedule front, but I'm also not going to be really disappointed (or all that surprised) if I don't manage it. I, and everyone around me, might just have to get used to my weird schedule.
I'm still really tired today and feel a bit off - I'm not sure if I'm tired from the walk or from the mosquito bites. Ridiculous as that sounds, I had an insanely intense allergic reaction to the bites. One bite on the middle joint in my thumb. My whole thumb swelled up so badly I couldn't really bend it, turned red-purple, and radiated heat. The other on my foot has been itchy beyond all belief and also turned most of the outer portion of my foot red-purple. Probably didn't help the sleeping problems.

I've been feeling a bit...dazed is the best word I can come up with lately. Brain fog is a constant problem for me, but I feel like I've been a bit more dazed and daft with brief moments of lucidity in between. I find myself forgetting if I just took a pill or if I just *meant* to take it (fortunately, this is only with OTC stuff, my prescriptions are in a daily med box so I *know* if I took it or not). Or why I got up to go to the kitchen. Or what I was just about to say. I think there've been more typos lately too.

I suspect this all means it's time to reassess activity levels again and adjust accordingly. Goody. Just in time for us to have to move within the next 6 weeks.

I did get a bit of work done today despite all of that. I did some sewing on a wedding present. I submitted two job applications. Fingers-crossed on those - some income for me would be very nice. And I'm curious to see if I can manage teaching on-line. Tom has very, very sweetly taken care of cutting and some seam ironing for me to help me get further with the wedding present too. Team-work rocks! He also worked hard this weekend on the car and did the grocery shopping and made dinner both nights. I'm so lucky!

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