Begun, this mouse war has...

As I mentioned a few weeks back, we have a mouse problem in our apartment.  Apparently, the whole building is having a problem, so it isn't just my sucktastic house-wifely skills that led to the problem.  Rather than just one mouse, we have a whole freakin' army.  We caught the original mouse that was originally taunting me, along with his/her baby or little sibling or padawan learner or whatever the hell it was.  And released them.  And came home that evening to hear the scratching of little mousey paws.  And squeaking.  This new bunch is loud.  I was hoping that indicated mousey civil war, but I think they're just punk teenagers.
Anyway, we've stuck with live-catch options because a) I hate to kill the things even if they are nasty, uninvited little verminy trespassers; b) I don't do poison for fear someone's pet will eat the poison or a poisoned vermin and the unpleasant consequences; c)  I also don't do poison because you know the little bastards pick the most difficult to get to place to die so they stink up the room for months.  Also, if they aren't going for the live-catch glue traps and enclosed traps, I'm not all that convinced they would be lured into deadly traps either.  
Last night, we decided to venture into the realms of chemical warfare, however, by spritzing around some diluted ammonia and some peppermint oil.  Apparently mice don't like those smells.  Or something.  I have no idea if it's working.
Oreo remains committed to his pacifism in regard to vermin.   He does, however, continue to bark at cartoon dogs on television.

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