Oreo vs. the Mouse

An epic (avoidance of) battle...

So, while we were gone a mouse took up residence behind one of our bookcases next to our corner entertainment center.  We accidentally left Oreo's bowl out with some food in it and the mouse obviously realized he had hit the ultimate vermin jackpot.  
Oreo's reaction has been to avoid his bowls despite thorough cleaning (which are by the bookcase because he won't eat unless someone is with him and standing in the kitchen while he eats isn't feasible) and eye the general area with mild concern.  
Meanwhile, the mouse has been being a little punk ass.  Tom put down a glue trap along a route the mouse almost has to take.  Unfortunately, it's an old glue trap and isn't all that sticky.  The mouse, apparently channeling Cirque du Soleil, does this awesome sort of handstand/cartwheel maneuver on the baseboard every time he needs to take that path.  If he does get a little mousey paw stuck, it doesn't stick that much and he just jiggles a bit and gets free.  
So, the mouse has been having a blast running around on the bookshelf.  He fell off some books the other night and landed with an audible thunk on the floor.  Did he panic?  No.  He laid there looking kind of dazed, shook his head a few times, and went on his merry vermin way.  Meanwhile, our noble hunter, descendant of wolves, companion to royalty, one time member of the Sporting class continued to snooze next to me on the couch.  Not even an ear twitch.  At best, he cuddles closer to me if the mouse's chewing gets a bit loud.
Bear in mind, this is the same dog who launches himself with vicious barking, growling, slavering abandon at horses, cows, CTA busses, motorcycles, moose (on TV), German Shepherds, and pillows.  

We decided it was time that Oreo have a heart to heart with his daddy...

Daddy (Oreo's that is) tries a pep talk:
I hate lectures
(Oreo hates lectures)

The pep talk continues...
Oreo remains unconvinced...

Finally, Daddy gets to the point...
Are you freakin' crazy?
"Are you freakin' kidding me?!?!" Oreo expresses his disdain for having something as nasty as a mouse in his mouth. Ptththt.

So, the score is currently:  
Mouse:  1
Humans:  0
Oreo:  Not even in the game 

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