The Bestest Husband EVAR!!!

So, I woke up feeling pretty manky today, even after 12 hours of sleep.  I got up, then went back to bed for a bit, then got back up.  While I was making my dazed, Elvis-dancing perambulations, my husband decided to do some cleaning.  And then a lot of cleaning.  And the suddenly the kitchen was beautiful, the living room noticeably less cluttered, and everything smelled better (except Oreo, who sort of needs a bath), even the mice, given that they were doused yesterday with ammonia and peppermint oil and today with febreeze and vinegar.  
Anyway, hubby has been wanting to go out for this race thing tonight and I decided that, though it sounded like fun, I just couldn't do it today.  So I told him to go.  He spent most of the day asking if I was sure I'd be okay.  I'll be fine - I have food, I have Oreo, I have a phone and TV and computer and friends.  The sweetness is wonderful though.  While I love and adore him for the physical support he gives me, I think it's the emotional support I cherish the most. Who else could I laugh through medical appointments with and trade horrifically offensive insults with?!?!  He's wonderful.  And super hot too.  Everyone should be so lucky!  

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