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Yeah.  Don't know if it's the weather (there's a freakin' blizzard, never mind that it's April) or my body deciding to mess with me again/still/more.  Either way, I've been in gradually increasing pain and stiffness most of the day, including parts that haven't hurt in months.  And I haven't been particularly or unusually active, so that's not it.  I think I'll be slathering myself in BenGay before bed.  Oooh, the romance...  
On the bright side, I found a nice re-fillable day-planner thing today to use instead of my increasingly ratty and not very durable 5x7 spiral notebooks.  
I got some paint and sculpey to play with to make amigurumi accessories (I have yet to make said amigurumi, but we'll get to that).
And I ate an almost-pint of coffee ice-cream from the container.  

I wonder if I can turn menthol-scented crocheted items into a niche market?

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