Still Alive. Mostly.

Prisoner, being held from behind on the Battle...
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My class is tiny. Tiny enough to be sort of weird. But at least it didn't get cancelled.

I've been freaking out the last 2 weeks pulling lectures together for topics I didn't cover that much with the old textbooks. This week is a little easier aside from the complication that is a UTI. It feels like someone is stabbing me in the left  kidney. Super fun. Trying to get a doctor to give me better antibiotics.

This week I'm just refining existing lecture and presentation. I had to firmly resist putting "OM NOM NOM" on this photo.

But that is totally what the lion is saying. It's in the missing piece of the palette. I swear it is. Just like the reconstructed stuff on this thing.


Summer said...

Never a more perfect Om nom nom moment!

Glad your class is on, hope you can enjoy it :) If they get 1/10 your enthusiasm they'll love the subject!

Justine James said...

We're finally out of the preliminary material that's a little hard to make exciting and into the fun stuff.