The joy of dog companionship

Sad OImage by shoveling_ferret via FlickrOreo just had a walk.  The easily disgusted should probably stop reading now.

It's getting near time for another hair cut and so he had a little bit of poop stuck.  Tom got most of it with the poo bag, but O still needed a bit of a wipe when we got in.

Tom leaves to walk to the grocery store.

This leaves me with SUPER-EXCITED Oreo.  Because apparently using the bathroom outdoors is just that awesome.  I have never, ever been that happy after doing so, but hey, whatever.

Anyway, I was trying to coax Oreo to come with me to get a damp paper towel so I could wipe his booty.  Still, super excited.  And there is the following exchange:

"Okay, come here; no, hold still; no, I want to see your butt, not your face..."
Oreo proceeds to whip out some break-dancing moves.
"No, seriously, you little fart-knocker, I'm trying to wipe your butt, quit squirming, geeeeeeez."

He was still surprisingly bouncy even after he figured out there wasn't really a treat involved in me calling him.

Now he's on the couch next to me whimpering because Tom isn't here.

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Alwen said...

Our black dog, Truffles, has a long feather tail and long trouser hair, so I know whereof you speak!