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3d ribbon model of botulinum neurotoxin seroty...Image via WikipediaWow, time just runs away from me sometimes.

I've been a bit busy and distracted, so not as much writing has gotten done as I'd like.  I'm hoping to pull together a few posts and possibly even a bit of a redesign for the blog soon.

Oreo is most displeased that I have not spent as much time in bed lately, which consequently means that he has not spent as much time in bed as he wants.  He has actually tried to herd me into the bedroom.  And has also taken to going and crying at the foot of the bed or sitting on the side of the bed and barking to tell me he wants to go to bed.  At 1 in the afternoon.  Brat.

The weather lately has had me in a bit of a pain flair - arthritis and migraines, joy.  I've been coping as best I can.  The Botox does seem to be helping.  I'm still getting migraines (especially with crazy weather changes) but they seem to respond better to abortive meds.

Arthritis stuff is just a matter of trying to stay mobile and trying to keep NSAIDs from eating a hole in my stomach.

My eyebrows are not moving as much as they used to (or at least as I think they used to) and that continues to be weird.

Allergies are insane today.  As I said on Twitter, I feel like I've been snorgling a cat.  Gahhh.

We went to the Chicago Botanical Garden on Monday for an outing.  Beautiful, if a bit crowded.

And I have gotten some Vibram Five-Fingers and am loving them so far.  I feel a lot more secure when I'm barefoot, believe it or not, so these are a nice compromise.  I went with the Trek Sport kind so they are water friendly as well.  Very fun.  The only problem so far is the distinct lack of sparkles.
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