Do Not Taunt Migraine Monkey

Good news:  The Botox and/or CoQ10 supplements have helped reduce my migraines in frequency and severity (at least this week).
Announcing this publicly seems to have angered the migraine monkey.  I got walloped yesterday and especially today.

Today's involved one of my least favorite aspects of the migraine aside from the pain - hyperirritability.  Even after all these years of being a migraneur, the sudden rush or wash or wave of hypersensitivity to sound and flush of near fury is disconcerting at best.
I think it's only been in the past few years that I've been able to associate this with migraine.  Before that, I would just suddenly be pissy and feel like picking a fight for absolutely no good reason.  Part of me even recognized that I had no real reason.  Figuring out it's associated with the migraines has at least helped, especially because it cues me in to taking abortive meds.

It's a truly bizarre thing though, to go from being fine one minute to the sound of traffic outside or the TV or someone eating or the neighbors upstairs walking across the floor suddenly becoming nearly unbearable sources of infuriating irritation.


Anonymous said...

I had migraines frequently in my teens, but am now down to one or two a year. I hope yours continue to ease!

Alwen said...

Migraines are just full of the suck. I usually got irrational fury from PMS.

Migraines, sometimes a day ahead of time I would get this day of euphoria. Talk about suck - I could never trust feeling that good, because so often it was followed by a puking migraine day. So NOT FAIR to associate feeling great with oncoming migraine.