Visit to the MSI part 2

Here I am, the first cripple on the moon. Bonus points to Chip for suggesting the cane needed to be in the photo and placing it so well.

Here I am fascinated by the Apollo 8
command module.  Chip has managed to clone himself in the background.

Tom demonstrates his usual driving method.

Midway through I decided I needed a wheelchair, especially since we had walked to the museum and were going to have to walk home.  They left me in front of the oncoming train.  (Actually, there was an older lady also in a wheelchair who looked utterly scandalized when we took this photo.  Seriously, lady, if I have to use the damn thing, you can be sure I'm going to joke about it.)
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Later in the trip, we arranged for someone to bust out the passenger window of Chip's car and steal some of his stuff, just so his Chicago experience would be authentic. We are excellent hosts.


Barbara said...

Nice train/wheelchair photo. I'd so do the same if I was in one.

How very thoughtful of you. Did Chip remember to thank you for being so considerate?

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