Egyptology Snark: Photo Filler

A stunning example of the finest of Egyptian carving from the Seti Temple at Abydos:

Before anyone freaks out, this is on a modern reconstruction block.  I'm seriously impressed by the detail here - I think that's actually a fairly decent rendering of a was scepter or possibly a very long barbeque skewer that Anubis or maybe Wepwawet is holding.  

Anyway, no longer post this week as I am having some fairly sucktastic symptom flare ups this week.  My neck is seriously messed up and making my head hurt badly enough to make concentration more of a challenge than usual and my hands are starting to get hurty again.  And I had several appointments and running around today trying to get a prescription filled and finding out it's not in the formulary and trying to get the refusal over-ridden and...yeah...  Anyway, hopefully I'll get my drugs soon and they'll help.

Hopefully we'll get back on track next week with more extensive Egyptological snarkery.


Julie said...

"...possibly a long barbecue skewer." Bwahahahah. Thanks for that. If you've got them, you could post photos of stuff gone wrong in Egyptian art. The real stuff. I know it exists. ;)

Hope you feel better soon. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Heh. I guess that rock carving is harder than it looks! Hope you feel better soon.