It's My Birfday

It's one of those vaguely important ones - I'm 30.  This might explain me running around being annoying.
Tom bought me a beautiful string of vintage pearls and a chocolate bunneh.  Awesome!  My husband, aka GIGAMESH (long story), rocks!

And I have birthday money burning a hole in my pocket for new a low-end sewing machine to augment Betsy my vintage workhorse who, while awesome, does only straight stitches, and yarn and fabric.
Pearls as they are meant to be worn - with jammies and a Snuggie.  Hells, yeah!

I should shower and get out of my jammies at some point today, but who knows when.  Hoping to spend the day knitting and nibbling on the chocolate rabbit.

I also get to start my Plaquenil today, finally, after all the nonsense over getting my insurance to cover it. It usually takes several weeks or months to make a significant difference in symptoms, but here's hoping it helps with some of my fatigue and arthritis and skin crap.  Also hoping it doesn't make me want to puke.  You're supposed to spend your 21st birthday dangling over a toilet, not your 30th.  :P


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! And congrats on the pearls, they're gorgeous. I'm most jealous of the chocolate bunny though. *grin*


Barbara said...

Of course pearls go with jammies, pearls go with everything, and yours are gorgeous. Yay, Gilgamesh!

Happy Belated Birthday! And here's hoping the pills do exactly what you want them to.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! (insert singing here)

-- Gwyndolyn O'Shaughnessy (Seattle, WA)