Belated Blogiversary

I've had this up for a whole year as of the 21st!  And I don't think I've gone more than a week or 10 days without posting.  Yay!

I hope people have enjoyed the random snark etc and I hope the community gets bigger and I can keep being at least mildly entertaining and occasionally useful.

Also - random Chinese comment spammers:  Quit with the vaguely insulting spam comments already!
The latest was:
If you can not be kind, at least have the decency to be vague (extra super long ellipses of spammy linkage redacted) 
Hopefully will get some more posts up this week.  Health suckage continues - my neck and head are still creating problems and I'm having an especially annoying run of cognitive weirdness with dropping words, forgetting words, etc.  And my arthritis and Reynaud's are flaring again, along with general hand tremors and muscle spasms.  Have also been having a jolly time trying to get a prescription filled that my insurance doesn't usually cover and trying to get new CPAP supplies while dealing with the above.  Such fun. All that and trying to do basic household chores and have a shower now and then has left me pretty tired.
But at least I have my dignity. ;)

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Alwen said...

Wo0t! for a whole year.

I can sympathize with word-weirdness - I get aphasia with migraines. I hate that feeling of fumbling around in the word cupboard in the dark with mittens on!