Polymer Clay

I got woken up early today by someone trying to deliver flowers to not me.  I wouldn't have minded but dude kept leaning on the buzzer which kept startling me as I was trying to disentangle myself from my CPAP (I wound up yanking it to the floor), Oreo was barking and I had no pants.  I did have a robe and long nightshirt, at least.  After all his frantic buzzing, he looked positively dejected to learn he was at the wrong number.  I would have been more sympathetic but, you know, CPAP on the floor, very sleepy and NO PANTS!

I decided to stay up because I don't know why.  Eventually I broke out the pasta machine for the first time and played with some polymer clay.  Mmmm, polymer clay.  I like the pasta machine.  I also like wearing gloves to work with the clay.  Less successful was some work with my hand-carved stamps and the clay, but I'm working on it.  While my stamps work well enough with ink or paint, using them on clay catches all of the less than smooth edges and lines.  This results in less than satisfactory imprints.  I may fiddle around with other techniques.   I also worked on sanding a few baked pieces with a sanding block.  I want a Dremel.  My shoulder hurts and the stupid things still don't look like I want them to.

I'm tempted to play with my new double points, but I'm also really sleepy which usually = major frustration.  Meh.

In more annoying news, after having had a birthday dinner for Tom we have a bunch of dishes (we usually use paper plates) to do.  I've been working on them a few at a time because I've gotten all droppy lately.  Seriously.  Even with my rubber gloves.  And it's not just dishes.  Books, meds, paper cups, soap, shampoo bottles, eating utensils.  Yeah.  Not happy.

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Julie said...

Dropping stuff sucks. I do it all the time, especially when I'm tired. Eventually you'll get in the habit of holding important things OVER something (a table, the bathroom sink, whatever) and it's a little better. I'll think on it and let you know any tips I think of. Right now the only one I'm thinking of off-hand is, when drinking coffee or tea, get a mug with a decent-sized handle, grasp the mug itself, and shove your fingers through the handle. (Your thumb would be opposite the fingers, holding the mug, not wrapped around the handle.) That way if you bobble it a little, you have odds of recovery.