To-ing and Fro-ing

Two medical appointments today.  One with endocrinology for my regular thyroid check.  If this panel comes back good, I'm good for a year barring major symptom changes.  Also checking my Vitamin D, just to see if that might be low and contributing to fatigue.  Amazingly, the Douchetastic Duo did something right and had already checked my B-12 and it's fine, actually a little above normal.
Next up I had a psych med review.  We decided to up my dose of Cymbalta as I've been feeling blah and I'm hoping that will give me a bit of a kick in the ass in terms of motivation.  Might also help a bit with my pain levels.  I have entirely too many unfinished and planned but unstarted projects hanging around that I should work on and haven't felt like doing.  I figure seeing if part of that is a result of depression is worth a shot.
I also managed to leave my copy of my neuropsych testing results at the hospital, which I discovered only after I had walked across campus to wait in Tom's office to go home.  So, then I had to call my doctor and walk back across campus to pick it up then back to Tom's office.  Owwwwwww.  By the final return trip I was seriously unhappy.

Also, I'd like to find whoever decided to only intermittently clear the snow from the university sidewalks and poke them with the ice-pick part of my cane.  Asshats.  I had to take a different bus than usual today which necessitated more walking.  All of it was on campus.  In well-traveled portions of campus.  Yet there were long swaths of uncleaned sidewalk.  Maybe the facilities staff has territories like the gangs and there are neutral zones?  Worse, my peripheral vision sucks and it seemed like every time I put my left arm/hand out for extra balance I hit someone in the chest or stomach.  Not hard (that would have been hilarious), just enough to be irritating.  Anyway, considering how much money they're spending on poorly conceived additions/modifications to campus and how little money they claim to have to spend on students, I would think they'd be a little more on top of basic litigation avoidance.  Hurrrr.

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