Schnauzer Puppy

Schnauzer Puppy
Originally uploaded by Jaravee

I love these adorable schnauzer amigurumis by Jaravee. Her other puppy patterns are equally adorable. The eyebrows for the schnauzers are a wonderful touch.
Schnauzers, though, have a special place in my heart - my mom loves them and currently has two - a white male named Oliver and tiny salt-and-pepper female named Lily. Dad grumbles about them, but he loves them too. I'm rather fond of them myself, but, of course, no doggie could replace Oreo in my heart.
Oliver, actually, was indirectly responsible for my adopting Oreo. I had spent a week or so at my parents before moving up to Chicago and Oliver would sleep in my bed. I realized that I really, really liked having a doggie around and thus wound up going to look at doggies for adoption in Chicago and found Oreo.

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