In which very little happens

Not much going on lately.  I had an pretty disconcerting episode of freezing while standing the other night. I had been in the dining room looking at my bookshelves for something to read and I just froze. For a few minutes I literally could not get my legs to move, but I was still standing.  I thought I might be stuck there for a while, but everything started working again, so not a huge deal.  This is good, as Tom was asleep, so who knows how long it would have been before my pitiful cries for help woke him up.  ;P  Just another symptom to report to my neurologists, who will undoubtedly look puzzled and disbelieving because they work hard at living up to their nickname:  "The Douchetastic Duo."
I figured out the costume and hair for the amigurumi and she is nearly done.  Her polymer clay accessories are cooling after being baked and she should be ready for delivery tomorrow.  Once everything started making sense, it went pretty well.  I'll post pictures after she's been delivered.
I slept most of today and am still tired.  My various plans for getting things done are mostly being postponed daily because I'm too tired, too twitchy, or have other things to do.  Sigh.  Not giving up, though.  Dammit.
I am pleased, though, that Netflix now has Mystery Science Theater 3000 on instant play.

On the schedule for the rest of the week:

  • Get some stamps put together and used
  • Start on my next knitting project (fingerless gloves of some variety)
  • Make some napkins
  • Work on the crochet hook case I started sewing months ago.
  • Work on the crocheted bag I started crocheting months and months ago.  It's getting close to finished.
  • Think more about holiday gifts - who is getting them, what they're going to be, when I need to start them, etc.  Last year we made chocolate bark for people and Xmas cookies for doggies and I'm thinking of doing the very same thing this year because it was easy, tasty, and everyone seemed to like it.  I'm also inclined to crochet or knit things, but that's time consuming and unpredictable.  :P
  • Work on a crocheting project for Tom.  (IS A SECRET.  CANNOT SAY MORE.)
Oh, and I have a doctor's appointment Friday.  Endocrinology.  Boring.

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