Holy Lasers, I'm a Nerd, Batman!

Just got back from dermatology appointment. Quick, non-eventful (in a good way) aside from some to-ing and fro-ing because the department is now split between floors for some dumb reason.
However - there was a scary part. I was totally in the neural neutralizer room from Dagger of the Mind.
There was one of these on the ceiling:
Neural Neutralizer
And the chair was kind of like this:

Except that it didn't have a screaming William Shatner in it. Or his hairpiece. Lame.

Okay, so it was actually the laser treatment room (or so they claim) and not a place where people's brains are erased and re-written in whatever manner some other lunatic thinks appropriate (that's across the quads at the University proper). Anyway, I think I just got stuck in there because it was convenient. No lasers for me.

On a side note, my sleep schedule re-setting plan was a big fat fail. I went to bed at 11. Couldn't sleep. At all. Finally got up and laid on the couch around 4:30 and read for a bit. Then fell asleep for maybe an hour. So, now I'm trying to stay awake all day. I apologize in advance for any increasingly incoherent posts that may result.
Also, my thumb hurts again. Stupid thumb.

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