Busy, busy

I managed to sleep last night and get up...THIS MORNING!!!!! (Cheer!!!!) So, I have been busily pulling stuff together for another printing project. I'm afraid details have to wait as it's a gift that I don't want to spoil.
I also managed a few little chores today.
And I walked Oreo by myself. He was very, very sweet - he went slowly down the stairs and tried not to pull on me too hard. And he walked at a nice gentle pace in the parking lot. Very short walk - we stay in the parking lot and the little grassy area when it's just us as I don't want to risk him getting away from me on one of the major streets (just the thought gives me chills).

A friend came by to help me with some design tasks and Oreo was also extra sweet by distributing his cuddling he stretched from my lap in my chair over to put his chin on her knee. Silly, silly dog. He also helped me introduce her to the crack that is Etsy. Yay!

Tomorrow I have my first appointment with the endocrinologist. Should be moderately interesting. :P

My thumb/wrist are still being gimpy and I had to ice them again today after I washed out a rug in the bathtub. Humph.

Also, for some reason I've been having to use my reading glasses today. They barely have any prescription to them at all, but they do seem to be helping. In honor of the occasion, here is a goofy picture courtesy of Photo Booth:


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