Oreo Spa Night

Oreo has been in desperate need of a haircut for a few weeks now and I kept forgetting to schedule an appointment for him to be groomed. We finally decided to just give it a try ourselves. We've done this a few times before in desperation and the results were...interesting.

Hey, Oreo! What did you think of the last haircut we gave you ourselves?
hell hound

This time it turned out much better. We sat him up on my shower chair in the tub, which made it much, much easier to reach all his parts. I talked to him and cuddled him while Tom did most of the clipping and cutting. We used ordinary hair clippers with a #4 guard for his body and a #2 for his legs. Then we went over some spots, especially his belly, with a beard trimmer. He absolutely hated having the clippers near his ears and jaw no matter how gentle I was, so we did most of the trimming around his face as well as his paws and toes with scissors. After shaving we vacuumed up all the hair in the tub with the ShopVac and then gave him a bath. Oreo wasn't exactly thrilled with us, but he does look very handsome now. Of course, if he had his way, he'd be one giant, smelly, itchy dreadlock.
Small wet dog

I think we'll keep on trying this in the future and maybe invest in a better set of pet clippers. It's certainly better than the $50-70 every few months we pay for his grooming.
Oreo damp


sukigirl said...

I'm impressed, first that you guys did it but even more so that Oreo sat there and took it.
Luckily my dogs don't have fur that tangles, they just shed copious amounts of hair into every nook and cranny of my house.

Shoveling Ferret said...

I don't think he would have sat there if both of us hadn't been holding him. And there were some half-hearted escape attempts. Mostly he seemed resigned to his fate. :)
Oreo manages to shed a bit - but it's mostly like human hair. It does mean that every time I wear something white I have little black Oreo hairs on me and every time I wear something black, there are little white Oreo hairs. Oh well, he's more than worth it.