Six years ago today we stood before our families on an overlook at Lake Tahoe and were married by a guy who looked and sounded like a used car salesman and talked about apocryphal Indian stories that said the waves sound like lovers or something. (I was busy trying not to crack up by that point.) A few days later we got a rental car stuck in the sand on the shores of Pyramid Lake while trying to see the Great Stone Mother, were rescued by hippies (I think Oreo may have gotten a contact high - at least I hope that's why he was eating cowpies later that day) and a Paiute guy named Dwayne, and missed our flight. Thankfully, my Nana had no problem putting us up for the night.
Anyway, it's been quite an adventure so far. I imagine it will continue to be so.
Here's some mushy pictures:


Oreo in veil

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