Pain relief?

Etsy :: neck shoulder back (NSB) - hot cold therapy pack - rice and flax heating pad - comfy cozy - black and white

I ordered this today after having seen The Ferris Wheels featured in the Etsy blog.  I can't wait for it to arrive.  They also make hand/wrist wraps and eye pads (though I think I'd like them better if they had a headband and even BETTER if they had eye holes, though I realize the latter wish is probably pretty impractical.  It would be awesome though, think of it:
The capelet neck-shoulder-back wrap, plus two sets of handwraps, plus eyepad with eyeholes, plus cane with flames painted on it...or maybe flowers to match the heat/cold wrap fabric... 
I would be the most gimp-tastic superhero EVAR!!!!! And now I feel I must stage that photo at some point.

Anyway, I promise a review after it arrives.  If I like it, I'll probably give the hand wraps a try.  
I already anticipate enjoying:
  • Full coverage of neck, shoulders, and upper back (heating pads just don't form to those areas well)
  • No cords
  • Option for heat or cold, which will probably make me even happier come summer...

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