Stupid Hands

Today is being an especially bad day for my hands.  My joints are aching pretty badly and I'm getting random shooting pains.  The last 2 fingers on my right hands are twitching randomly (typing is way  exciting).  And both hands are faintly numb/tingly - the best comparison I can come up with is how your hands might feel after driving an older diesel vehicle for an extended time.  My husband says motorcycle handlebars will do the same thing sometimes.  This is annoying as crap, but not really a big deal.

One of the issues I frequently have these days is figuring out whether I should not do something when I'm in pain.  Ordinarily I take pain as a message from my body saying "Hey, stupid, that's bad, quit it." or "Hey, stupid, you've done that too much, take a break."  Now, though, it seems that my brain randomly decides that something hurts like I did way too many lunges, pulled a moderately heavy person to safety over a cliff, dangled from a tall building using only my hands, participated in a hula-hooping marathon, or tried to crash a door open using only my head, even when my activity for the day has consisted of getting out of bed, brushing my teeth,  coaxing Oreo out of bed, and eating some yogurt.  So, I now have to question whether this is really a stop/break situation or a brain-being-a-punk situation.  I tend toward the stop/break more frequently because even if undertaking or continuing a certain activity probably isn't causing damage, it does still HURT.  Unfortunately, that also means that I don't do a lot of things I'd like to do.  I'm slowly learning when to push and when not to, but it's very much trial-and-error.

Anyway, I think I'm going to try (operative word being try) to keep typing to a minimum today to see if that helps (and because I'm sick of fixing typos because my fingers won't go where I want them to). So, I'll probably be light on content again today. I'm debating whether to pick up some crocheting.   I'm sorely tempted to just relax on the couch and read.

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