Ten-Toed Couch Sloth

The Topamax experiment continues. The last dosage increase is tomorrow. Still having migraines, but I'm supposed to give it six weeks.

I really, really hope the sleepies go away. This is ridiculous. If I stop moving I fall asleep. I curled up on the couch to read this evening, Oreo came to snuggle up and be a book rest and tummy warmer. Next thing I knew it was 8:30, Tom was napping in bed, Oreo was crying for dinner and my hand was asleep.

Topamax also causes vivid dreams. I've been dreaming about managing underfunded National Park or National Forest visitor centers with my former graduate advisor. The one who went kind of crazy. Yeah. He's nice in the dreams at least.

Anyway, this makes it difficult to work on things that involve reading because I get drowsy so quickly. Grumble. I have academic library access again, but if I pass out every time I try to read that might get to be a bit useless.

Better news: Tom found my Flowbee!!!  I cut my hair today. I like cutting it myself. I think it turns out pretty awesome. Yay!

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