Batman in Ancient Egypt or Menkaure Was the God-Damned Batman

It is seriously nipply in here, people!

Who wants to co-author the paper with me?
Provisional Titles:

Nipples and Fecundity in the Old Kingdom
Joel Schumacher, Batman, Egyptian Art, and Nipples
Yes, I Totally Convinced Someone to Publish This Drivel Because Someone Backed out at the Last Minute
Dude, Seriously, Menkaure is the God-damn Batman
This Topic Is No Less Weird Than What David O'Connor Has Been Publishing and Lecturing Lately

Obviously the nemes headdress is an early version of the bat-cowl. And, um, stuff.

Still taking the Topamax. As if you didn't know that.


Anonymous said...

OK, I'll bite. I know a little about ancient Egypt but I don't know of similarities between Batman and Menkaure (or is it Menkare?).

Can you point to some examples?


Justine James said...

It's mostly that I'm really immature and happened to notice a statue of Menkaure with very prominent nipples. The Batsuit in one of the films a few years back also had prominent nipples.
Therefore, the illogical conclusion was that they're both Batman.

Anonymous said...

Ah, now I see, Sensee. Thank you for enlightening me.

Very important link between them that I had not thought of before.

- byrd