Dear Pope Palpatine

new Pope Palpatine
new Pope Palpatine (Photo credit: Alx)

Warning: Probably more exruciatingly offensive than usual
Sister Simone Campbell: Vatican Reprimand 'Like A Sock In The Stomach' : The Two-Way : NPR

Dear Pope Palpatine:
That stupid shit right up there in the link is why you are currently hemorrhaging female members of the church faster than a botched back-alley abortion.
Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people? You have climbed into bed with some of the worst hate-mongering asshats on the planet. People who used to and often still do think Catholics are the enemy right up there with Mooslims and Joooooooos (boogedy). Jack Chick, anyone?
Quit it.
I was never confirmed and haven't set foot in a church for anything but someone else's service since adulthood because of this kind of crap.
I am not a second-class human because I'm a woman. Gay people are not evil. Other views are not an automatic threat.
Grow the fuck up.

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