The Trouble with The Trouble with Tribbles

The Trouble With Tribbles
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Folding laundry, packing, etc, and watching Star Trek. The Trouble with Tribbles at the moment.

You know the famous scene of Kirk in the pile of tribbles falling out of the overhead storage compartment?

How creepy is it to realize Kirk is essentially standing in a pile of recently deceased animals? Ewwwww!!!
Reasonably certain they deleted the "ewww! flail!!!" scene.

Spoiler Alert: (for those too lame to watch Star Trek)
At the end we find out Scotty has disposed of the overload of tribbles on the Enterprise by beaming them somewhere.

Kirk is all "holy shit, you didn't beam them into space, you monstrous Haggis-eater!" (I may be fuzzy on the exact dialogue. Oh, wow, that was a horrible pun.)

Scotty is all "dude, chill, what the hell, I'm not that demented! I sent them to the Klingon ship. Geez, are you PMSing or what this episode?"

And then everyone is all LULZ, Klingons and tribbles hate each other - EPIC TROLL IS EPIC!

Except how are the Klingons going to deal with the tribbles unless it's by killing them in some way? Or will this become some interstellar game of Pass the Tribbles?

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