Thank you, everyone for all your kind thoughts and messages over the past few days. Schedules being all muddled, I will be going out for the funeral by myself.

Tom and Oreo will be on their own!

I'll be leaving here on Wednesday morning, flying to Las Vegas, and then riding up to Reno for the funeral on Friday, staying to visit for a bit and then coming home on Tuesday.

Thank goodness for my Kindle, smartphone, and plastic crochet hooks - I should have plenty of entertainment in very little luggage.

I think Nana's fabulous shopping spirit was with me yesterday - I needed to find a dress for the service and a new winter coat and managed to find both and some luggage that still rolls and isn't full of archaeological dirt. My new coat is bright pink - one of Nana's favorites.

Today I'm recovering from throwing up most of last night - I think I had a super-migraine-of-super-suckitude. Nausea is pretty typical for me, but not full-on projective vomiting. :( Hopefully this was just an unholy combination of stress, weather, and allergies and will not become a trend given how little good most meds do for me.

Fun fact: sitting on a folding stool in front of the toilet instead of kneeling is a lot friendlier to knees. Also, really glad we have two bathrooms now as Tom's parents were visiting this weekend...

I'm feeling a bit better now, sipping flat ginger ale and chicken broth and eating crackers. Oreo is very pleased about the crackers. Poor Tom has a cold, but is still taking very good care of me.

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Alwen said...

Those vomiting migraines are the worst. The brain has a vomit center - this actually amuses me when a migraine is not messing with mine.