Moving on Up

So, the move is complete. In that all our junk is in the new apartment.

Also, we have an ice maker:

Two Roman tubs:
And this is the view from the patio and the bedroom windows:
Tom's parents bought us a new mattress in addition to helping us move in and his sister and brother-in-law and niece helping with the move and passing on a queen bed frame for the guest bedroom.

New mattresses are huge. Our bed was already high. It hits just under my boobs now and I'm 5'6 or 5'7 depending on how scolio'd my spine is on a given day.
Oreo on the mattresses before we put them on the bed frame
We got new driver's licenses. I think all the weight Tom lost from the last time he had a MS license I gained since the last time I had one.

Friday while I was in the bathroom I got another call about teaching. Apparently they needed to know right that minute if I could teach in the spring. So I said "um, yeah." I have a job with virtually no effort on my part to acquire it. This is still blowing my mind.

Yesterday we bought a washer and dryer to be delivered on Wednesday. o.O Single largest expenditure we've ever made. There will be photos. Possibly video.

Today I drove Tom to work and drove home all by myself for the first time since 2008. It went very smoothly. Then I spent the rest of the day waiting for the gas company tech to show up, which still hasn't happened. 

And I unpacked exactly nothing. My excuse is that we need bookcases before we can unpack most of the boxes which are full of books.
Current view of the living room.


cholling said...

Yeah, bookcases... the one downside of moving to the Coast is that there's no Ikea anywhere nearby. When I last lived there, there was not even a Target, though I think that might have changed now?

Congrats on the new place, and on driving, and on the job, and everything! Hope I get to come visit soon!

Shoveling Ferret said...

Yeah, the lack of IKEA is sort of a down side. Evil though it is, Walmart has some decent looking bookshelves online for not too terribly much.

We'll look forward to seeing you!