Fuzzy Banditos

Common raccoon (Procyon lotor) and skunk (Meph...Image via Wikipedia
The perfect storm of suburban vermin, Grabby and Stinky.
I heard clinking on the porch last night. Flipped the light on and peeked through the blinds to see several raccoons very carefully tipping over the planters to see if there was anything good in them. They didn't break anything. After a while they got bored and annoyed with the light and left, probably to go dumpster diving. Only one seemed to suspect they were being spied upon and kept staring at the glass like "I know you're there."

Fortunately, we don't let Oreo run around alone outside, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Tom put some of the plants in hanging planters today. Do raccoons do acrobatics? And if so, do they wear leotards and capes or should I make some for them?

I am guessing they're smart enough not to eat the peppers from his pepper plant but if I do see a raccoon on the patio frantically swiping at his tongue I'll try to get photos.

In other news, I had insomnia like whoa bad and didn't get to sleep until around 7 this morning and then slept until around 3. I woke up to a shaved dog. He'd gotten into a burr patch and Tom wisely decided shaving was better than trying to pick out each little burr. Those things hurt like hell and I think I have a mild allergic reaction to them. Poor Oreo.

He looks very handsome now, though.
The sliding glass door is becoming a source of random amusement. We've had the raccoons. People cut through between the patio and the patch of woods. Today a Boston Terrier and his person cut through there. Oreo went nuts and they were nose-to-nose through the glass. Oreo is most disgruntled that we did not react appropriately to OMG HE COULD COME IN HERE!!!

We've been mostly trapped in the apartment complex the past few days. Cruising the Coast is going on, which is awesome, except that Highway 90 is the only way in or out of our apartment complex and it is being heavily cruised. Tom biked to WalMart to get me more allergy meds and some food because he is made of awesome.


Tom said...

The destroyed my papyrus and duc up the pepper plant last night...

Shoveling Ferret said...

Oh no! Evil fuzzy banditos.