The Real Secret of the Holy Grail

The Indiana Jones movies were on TV today. Susan shut it off before it got to the Crystal Skull so I wouldn't throw things at her TV.

I realized something, though. The true power of the Holy Grail is that it turns everything into hydrogen peroxide.
Indy pours Grail juice onto his dad's wound, foaming ensues

Random dude on the internet pours hydrogen peroxide on a scrape, foaming ensues.
Thus endeth your archaeology lesson for the day.


Barbara said...

Hydrogen peroxide was my dad's go-to remedy for all childhood injuries from splinters to skinned knees. It must have worked, we're all still alive. Loved the foaming, hated the sting. Thanks for resurrecting the memory.

Shoveling Ferret said...

Hrm, I think that means your dad was one of the Knights Templar.

Barbara said...

Well, hmm, he did belong to the Knights of Columbus. D'you think it was a cover for his deeper involvement in a subversive Catholic organization? Hank was a bit of an enigma.