Oreo's No Good, Very Bad, Awful Day

Today we started a few day trial with a possible new member of the family - Poppy Seed, a year old Pomeranian boy.

Oreo is less than thrilled.

The trouble began when Poppy's current people brought out a squirt bottle, which they've been using as a way to signal and change bad behavior. We tried it on Oreo.
It's like an off switch on barking. I knew it worked with cats. No idea it works with some dogs.

Have I mentioned that Oreo hates water?

Anyway, that was almost tolerable because there were new people visiting, even if they did bring this small, fluffy, dog-like creature. New people are awesome, especially new people who like dogs. Plus, dog creature had toys. And most of them squeak!

But then the people left. And forgot their fluffy...thingie.

Fortunately, it was sleepy and crawled in its portable den to nap.

But then it came out. And got on the couch.

There was snuggling.  Though Tom claims he's not sure he wants a doggie who sits on his lap all the time.  Or a doggie of any kind.  Including Oreo.  The rest of us mostly ignore that.
 Nope, they're not getting along at all.

There have been a few almost tiffs.  Almost.  A little while ago Poppy felt confident enough to pounce and play-growl at Oreo.  Who barked and growled back half-playfully and half-seriously. 
While he's been getting lots of loves and reassurance that he's the Alpha dog, Oreo has also been doing some heavy snuggling with both of us, presumably as a reminder that he prefers being an only child.  He's on my lap now, radiating cute vulnerability. 

Tomorrow will be the first full day and Tom will be at work.  I've been feeling fairly crappy lately, but the silver lining there is that I can see if I can manage 2 dogs even when I feel dreadful.  I'm sincerely hoping most of tomorrow involves snuggling and reading interspersed with quick, short walks in the snow.  (One at a time - no way can I manage two little bouncers and my cane in the ice and snow and as part of the crappy feeling lately has been some light-headedness, I need the cane more than ever.)

Poppy is adorable - 8 lbs of black and white fluff.  And likely to be a snuggler, at least with Tom.  We'll see how we all manage tonight.  Still not sure how the sleeping arrangements will go.  Oreo is always on the bed.  Poppy is getting over Giardia and still readjusting to house-breaking after a stint at Animal Control, so we're not sure where to put him.  Though he's done marvelously today with going out and letting us know he needed walkies. 

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Anonymous said...

We have almost always had more than one dog. It has generally worked out well. I'm a firm believer in trials of many days to allow things to shake out.
I know what you mean about walking more than one dog at a time. We have a rural home with a fenced yard, so we don't use the leashes as much as we should. And the pups are getting so big. Ike was 30 lbs and Tina 21 lbs at their last trip for shots. I need to be more disciplined with their training.
@jeaniebabb on twitter

Alwen said...

Our dearly departed little dog Sky melted my DH in the shelter, doing that backward head-tilt on the cage bars. He scratched her little chin and that was pretty much it.

Shoveling Ferret said...

We seem to be doing fairly well today, though Poppy is mostly hanging out napping in the bedroom while Oreo and I are in the living room. Silly, silly creatures.